Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

WOW Pay, the leading payment platform provides you with effortless options to pay your bills. An instant, secure and convenient payment solution covering 1,000+ touch points to enable direct transactions with government and private partners, from all over the UAE.

WOW Pay eliminates the stress of queues, waiting time and traffic by providing you with the easiest and fastest way to pay your bills at one location.

Launched in 2017, WOW Pay can be found at your local grocery, supermarket, mini-mart, café, restaurant and mobile shops offering access to 70+ services. WOW Pay continues to grow and expand in the UAE and across the region to be the leading payment platform.

Why WOW Pay?

Making direct payments has never been easier. Payments are updated in real-time providing you with peace of mind.
EMV and PCI certified to ensure that your transactions are both safe and private.
Pay your bill at a shop on your street.
With 1,000+ locations there is always a location near you. Choose from supermarkets, groceries, restaurants, cafes and more.
WOW Pay’s motto is “Fast Bill Payments”

What is WOW Pay?

WOW Pay is a smart POS platform that provides customers with an integrated payment platform. POS terminals are located at retail stores, groceries, restaurants, cafes, mini-marts, mobile shops giving you access to largest catalogue of 70+ payment services. Customers can visit Certified Dealers and be assured that their payments are instantly and securely.

How can I pay my bills at WOW Pay?

WOW Pay offers customers a simple, safe and secure platform. Customers select the category of their choice, select the partner. The screen keyboard will allow you to enter the total amount you choose to pay. Instruction will appear on the screen and this needs to be followed. Customers can then deposit the cash amount or use their credit card to finalise the payment.

What services are available at WOW Pay?

WOW Pay offers you payment solutions across the UAE via our network through our wide range of partners from transport, government, charity, telecoms, international top ups, gift cards to government. Airline, money & transfer will be joining our platform shortly. Our services are available regardless of location, enabling customers who are visiting or working in other cities to make payments relevant to the Emirate they reside in. With WOW Pay, you have a choice of payments and services at one location.

What are the benefits of using WOW Pay?

You will benefit by reducing multiple visits to payment locations and can pay most of your bills at one location.
You can choose from 70+ services across 1,000+ locations over the UAE.
You can choose to pay cash or credit card payments, which is one of the biggest benefits of paying with WOW Pay.
You can be rest assured our network is instant, secure and safe.

Where can I find WOW Pay?

WOW Pay can be found at locations across the UAE, from groceries, restaurants, cafés, mini-marts and mobile shops spread over the 7 Emirates and remote locations. Our network gives you 1,000+ touchpoints.

How can I top up my mobile?

Walk into any of our locations, request our Certified Dealer to top your account. Inform him of your choice of network and your recharge amount. Choose to pay by cash or credit and instantly receive your receipt.